Dog Daycare

We all get a pet for different reasons. Then quite quickly they become much more than a pet. They become part of the family and we want only the best for them. However, there are times where certain places will not let you bring your dog or you do not want your dog to be stuck in a hotel room all day. At Flying Dog Pet Care we have dog boarding services where you can drop off your pet and have them stay in our exclusive pet hotel where he or she will be pampered with walks, treats, and lots of love. Your dog will get plenty of time outdoors to run around, jump, play, and hike! When your pup is in our home we treat him or her like a family member. We have plenty of experience around dogs of all ages and sizes.

In Seattle, WA, we also offer overnight pet sitting and doggy daycare. Staying somewhere new can be stressful to you and your pet, allowing them to stay with us while you're away will give them some consistency allowing them to be more at ease. We also have dog sitting services for those who are unable to take their furry friend wherever they are going.

If you seeking top of the line dog daycare services, contact us at Flying Dog Pet Care in Seattle, WA today.


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